About our Boxes

  • Your project is assembled using box joint construction, a superior joint which is stronger and more durable.
  • Box joint presentation adds visual sophistication and perceived value to your box versus stapled or nailed construction
  • Our Inset Lid and Hinged boxes feature unique pewter finished twists and buttons which are custom-made in Canada exclusively for Quintessential Canada. We will source custom hardware to compliment your project.
  • Premium projects may include Cherry, Maple and Black Walnut. Please inquire.
  • Boxes are made using select Eastern White Pine which is the Arboreal Emblem of Ontario. 

Branding (hot-stamping)

  • All of our box styles are constructed to present your logo/artwork. For optimal results, artwork must be submitted as a one colour (black) EPS, Illustrator or PDF vector file with text converted to curves. For more information click Artwork Requirements
  • Branding is burned into the wood as a deboss using a 20 ton (40,000 lbs.) machine which produces high quality detailed images. This is one of the largest (if not the largest) machine in the industry offering presentation up to 10” x 15” images.
  • This process ‘cauterizes’ the wood and permits for oiling or staining as an option. Laser engraving (see below) ‘cuts’ the wood and is generally not suitable for staining as the stain will bleed into the wood grain.

Laser Engraving

  • For optimal results, artwork for laser engraving should be submitted as a one colour (black) EPS, Illustrator or PDF vector file with text converted to curves. Vector based files can be enlarged without compromising quality. Vector artwork does not have a resolution or “dots per inch” measurement. Alternatively, a high resolution jpeg may be used with good results.
  • The run charge (cost per unit) for laser engraving is higher than branding. However, laser engraving has no die charge and a lower setup cost. This process makes laser engraving more economical for smaller runs which do not require a stain treatment.
  • Unlike branding, laser engraving run charges depend on the size of the logo/artwork. Please contact us should you require more information.
  • Laser engraving ‘cuts’ the wood. This process is not suitable for boxes which will be stained because the stain will bleed into the wood grain. Natural colour oil treatment is an option.

Oil Treatment

  • Oil finishing offers some degree of protection for the wood. It is available in Natural, Antique Pine and Walnut colours.
  • Our oils are custom made for Quintessential Canada in the colours indicated above. They are environment-friendly, non-toxic, all-natural and do not contain mineral spirits.
  • Oil embellishes the joinery construction of our boxes. It increases the perceived value of your box and is available as an option for all styles.
  • When choosing to oil your boxes, the outside of the box and both sides of the lid are oiled. Hinged boxes are oiled inside and out including the yokes.

Aniline Stain

  • Aniline stain is a cost-effective way to apply colour to your box. Unlike oil, it adds no protection value to the wood.
  • Aniline Stain is a water-based, eco-friendly stain that creates a rustic appearance with notable colour variations. However, it is important to note that because of its water base, it will raise the grain of the wood and will not have the same smoothness as oil finishes. Some discolouration around branding may occur.
  • Similarly to oil finishing, the darker the stain applied, the less contrast you will see in the logo/artwork. See our portfolio section for examples.